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The BioSuperfood nutritional formulas Young Health F1, Vitality F2, Ultimate Advanced F3, and BioPreparation formulas F2+ and F3+ (for animals) were developed in order to accommodate individual biochemistry. No two people or animals are alike. For example, a developing child has a different health state and different resilience, immunity and nutritional needs than an adult, an athlete, a vegan, or someone with a severe degenerative condition.


What do they Have in Common?

All of the formulas contain some amount of the green algae Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, and of the red algae Dunaliella and Haematoccocus Pluvialis and provide thousands of micro nutrients. The green algae contain a broad spectrum of proteins, minerals and chlorophyll that have great nutritional value, while the red algae contain a large amount of mixed carotenoids/antioxidants, phytonutrients and fatty acids that have a greater ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and nourish and protect the hypothalamus-pituitary axis.


What is the Difference?

The difference between each formula lies in its potency, and thus its therapeutic power, with F3 being the most potent one. F3 is approximately 5 times more potent than F2.
The difference in potency is derived from how the algae are grown, which is achieved through specific technology: the algae are grown in covered bioreactors, where the temperature, turbulence, light, depth of the cultural level, and other factors are different for each algae, and for each formula of BSF. These water conditions are necessary to achieve the different concentration of the nutrients for each algae and thus control the nutraceutical grade of each BSF formula.
The higher the potency of the product, the richer it is in nutrients and antioxidants necessary to achieve health.
Generally, F1 is recommended for children under 10, F2 is recommended for relatively healthy individuals who want a maintenance dose of BSF to assist with long-term health and longevtiy, and F3 is recommended for those with chronic conditions.

You can be assured that BioSuperfood never contains any toxic or contaminated algae since they are grown in controlled bioreactors and not in the wild. Everything from the selection of light, heat, water and nutrients is done under the supervision of Dr Kiriac.

The BioPreparation formulas were originally designed for animals, though as with other earthly foods, we humans can also consume them. BioPreparation has the same nutritional makeup as BioSuperfood, except that is freeze dried at a colder temperature in order to achieve a slightly finer powder. This was done to increase uptake assimilation for the short digestive tracts of animals like dogs and cats.



It is important to note while the algae in BioSuperfood is highly beneficial for most people, some people do have reactions. For this reason, we recommend that adults start with Vitality F2 and only move on to Ultimate Advanced F3 if you have chronic or acute conditions, or if you strongly feel it. More information below.




All of the formulas- F1 BASE, F2 CORE, and F3 FORTE – have the same four ingredients:

four species of microalgae.

  • The difference lies in the proportion of the red algae species vs. the blue-green algae (spirulina).
  • There is a higher ration of red algae in each subsequently higher number formula.
  • The red algae have most of the carotenoids: astaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc. – the antioxidant power that brings about this “fuel efficiency”.
  • F2 CORE formula is a great maintenance formula for most any one, while the F3 FORTE formula is roughly 5x more efficient and is often the better choice – particularly for anyone with chronic or acute pain or health issues or for those who want the healthiest aging and/or protection from radiation and the likes.
    F1 is primarily for healthy small children and more sensitive adults.
  • Healthy adults generally get the most benefits from a daily intake of anywhere from 3-8 capsules, taken one at a time at regular intervals throughout the day and always with at least 1/2 glass of water. Anyone with acute or chronic health issues or for those concerned with radiation exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning or other issues may want to consume 8-12 capsules per day for optimum results.

Start off with just 1 or 2 capsules/day for the first 5-10 days

Increase gradually to the optimum intake level for YOUR body.

Remember that every body is different, and if you have high blood pressure, thyroid issues, cardiac or other possibly fragile health issues, take an even slower approach, beginning with F2 CORE, and perhaps just a half-capsule at a time. Let your body be your guide! This allows your body to adjust gradually to the increased nutrients and energy. Feel free to contact us for more specific recommendations for you and/or your pet.


Young Health F1


Young Health. Formulated for daily health support. Also recommended for healthy children.


BSF formula 1 is a gentle formula that we recommend for general nutritional support, replacement of some supplements and vitamins, general good health, sports and fitness support.

180 Vegetarian Capsules (290 mg/cap) – 3 to 8 weeks supply






Vitality F2

More nutraceutical than F1, it is richer in antioxidants. A revitalizing concentrate of nature’s best nutrients and phytonutrients. Formulated for health rejuvenation and maintenance.


We recommend BSF formula 2 for general nutritional support, immune system support, increased vitality, replacement of some supplements and vitamins, for good health support, sports and fitness support.

180 Vegetarian Capsules (290 mg/cap) – 3 to 8 weeks supply





Ultimate Advanced F3

BSF formula 3 is our most advanced formula. More nutraceuticals – five times more potent than F2. Awaken the genius within with nature’s most powerful antioxidants. F3 offers advanced nutritional support, immune system support, increased vitality, healthy aging, and support for performance in physically active individuals.


Adults – With BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates), it is better to have a small amount than to have none at all! Most adults will receive awesome benefit from 4-6 capsules of Vitality F2 per day. At this rate a 180-cap bottle will last 30-45 days. In therapeutic mode, adults will benefit from up to 12 caps of Ultimate Advanced F3 per day. 6 caps of F3 per day is brilliant, and at that rate a 180-cap bottle of F3 will last a month. Again, please consult dosage instructions for more information.

Athletes – Athletes are a special case. Take 1-2 capsules of Ultimate Advanced F3 before and after the workout; 1 capsule every 30 minutes during a prolonged workout. You will notice the difference!

180 Vegetarian Capsules (290 mg/cap) – 3 to 8 weeks supply


Usage and Recommended Dosages

While we always recommend to follow your intuition, here is a starting place for dosage. One can benefit from BioSuperfood by taking anywhere between 1/2 to 12 capsules daily. It is recommended to take the product in fewer quantities and more frequently throughout the day, rather than in few intakes of a larger quantity (2 capsules before each meal is better than 6 capsules at breakfast). Consult your health professional if you are uncertain or have health issues.


Start using BioSuperfood gradually in case of high blood pressure, pregnancy, cardiovascular issues, fragile intestine, brain injury, hyper-thyroid condition, candida, or any other fragile health condition. Start with 1 capsule a day. Add 1 capsule every 7-10 day period until the desired daily dosage is reached (between 6-12 capsules).

Vitality F2 or Ultimate Advanced F3 is recommended. Ultimate Advanced F3, the most potent formulation, is more suitable for chronic and acute conditions. Better results are obtained when taken hourly, one capsule at a time. The therapeutic dosage should be followed 3-6 months. Degenerative conditions that took decades to develop may require a therapeutic dosage of 6-24 months. After this time period the maintenance dosage can be followed.

Health Maintenance

Start with 1 capsule twice per day for the first 5 days, then adjust the dose by adding 1 capsule each day.


Take 4-6 capsules daily. Vitality F2 or Ultimate Advanced F3 is recommended.
If you are not sure, start with Vitality F2 and work your way up to Ultimate Advanced F3.


Take 1-3 capsules daily. Yong Health F1 is recommended.

Sports & Fitness

Take 1-2 capsules before and after the workout; 1 capsule every 30 minutes during a prolonged workout. Ultimate Advanced F3 is recommended.


General Guidelines

Start taking BioSuperfood first thing in the morning.

  • Optimum results are obtained when fewer capsules per intake are taken more frequently throughout the day. Optimally, intake BioSuperfood from hourly down to three times daily.
  • BioSuperfood can be taken with or without food but at least 1/2 a glass of water.
    When taking BioSuperfood, it is suggested to stop or reduce the intake of other supplements. Consult your health professional.
  • Regular daily intake of BioSuperfood is a critical success factor.