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I just wanted to share with you real quick some great news. I got my mother in law on the F3 because she has leukemia. Her doctor wanted to put her on all this medicine for her rising cholesterol and white blood cells. She told him to wait one month and she would get blood work again and they could go from there. Just after one month with the F3 (she didn’t change anything else) her levels all dropped.
Total cholesterol 258 to 185!
Tryglicerides 223 to 135!
Bad cholesterol 163 to 112!
White cell count went back to normal!
The doctor asked her what meds he put her on, thinking he forgot to write it in her chart. Smiling back she said nothing, and she continued to tell him about the supplement. He just rolled up his eyes, even after seeing the results in the blood work! Go figure, maybe some day he’ll choose to look into it for his clients.
I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. It has also helped tremendously with my Newfoundland who has kidney disease.

Shannon Colorado

Blood sugar

I am a Type 2 Diabetic. My normal fasting blood sugar rates, with diet, exercise, a daily vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements was brought down to a fairly stable 150 mg/dl. The supplements were costing me over $300 a month. I now take no other supplement than F3 BioSuperfood! After starting with 15 per day for about 6 months, 2 years ago, I now take 6 capsules daily as a maintenance dose.

Now, my fasting blood sugar rate is 90 mg/dl. My doctor tells me that’s almost normal (80 mg/dl being “healthy”). When I was first diagnosed, my fasting blood sugar level was 280 + mg/dl. I have dropped over 60 pounds in weight as well. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the real results of this miracle. Thank you!

Keith M

No need for surgery

I was a lineman for the local power company for many years and suffered with very painful knees most of that time. My doctor said I would have to have both knees replaced which I wasn’t looking forward to, so I put it off. A couple years ago a friend introduced me to BioSuperfood and after taking it for only a few weeks, I had absolutely no pain and there was no need for any surgery. I am completely retired now at 74, but still very active and busy gardening and mowing lawns for people.

G. Fenske WI, USA


My name is Todd Page and I am a top rated natural bodybuilder and trainer. The first time I took BioSuperfood, I felt the difference right away. I am very sensitive to my metabolism and notice any deviations from my form. I have tried many products over the years, but BioSuperfood tops them all. With BioSuperfood, I experience energy support throughout the day. As I am preparing for contests, I feel a big difference in my workouts, stamina, endurance, post workout recovery and reduced muscle and body pains

Todd Page Top USA natural bodybuilder CO, USA


I could feel the effects of Biosuperfoods almost instantly! As a medical intuitive my body is very vocal when it likes something and it loves BioSuperfoods. Before I started F2 I was eating a lot of different foods and taking supplements and I still felt hungry. I knew my body wasn’t getting what was required to support it or wasn’t absorbing it. After my first two capsules of F2 Biosuperfoods this hunger entirely went. My body felt so satisfied. My naturopath recently commented on how vital my cells were looking!

I have been taking the algae blend now for nearly three months. I’ve had two bottles of F2 and am nearly finished an F3. The difference is remarkable. I no longer snack, I’m actually just not hungry and am even having smaller meals. If I feel like fatty or sugary food I realise I haven’t had my capsules and soon after I take them the craving goes away.

I have reduced my supplement intake as the BioSuperfoods are giving me nearly everything my body requires in one, including trace minerals that were once a very expensive addition to my health regime. The high bioavailability of the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants mean I’m also saving money. I have more energy, more clarity, healthier skin and am calmer.

Another surprising result is that I’m a lot less reactive to EMFs. This sensitivity has been an issue for me for a long while so I’m really extra appreciative of BioSuperfoods and the gift they are for my body.

I’m happy to recommend them also to my friends, colleagues and clients.

Kassey Weaver Medical Intuitive Byron Bay