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Highly recommend for every autistic child

my son has been taking the products for 4 years. Is helped him greatly and would highly recommend every person who has a child with autism to try it. My wife also raves about the product for her uses for being hypoglycemic and going through menopause. we are so happy you get this product that were committed in using it for many many more years. Thank you

Scott D NV, USA

The most impressive product I have ever taken…

In my late 60’s, I was often tired during the day, and needed to have an afternoon nap. My mental clarity was also declining, and I was getting colds. I had suffered a severely broken leg, which resulted in surgery, followed by the use of a lot of pain killers for many months. I just never seemed to recover from that, and I think that was the reason I was always tired and mentally dull.
I went on BAC to detox from all the painkillers and to recover my mental clarity and physical energy. I felt the effects of F3 right away. I told many friends that BAC is the most impressive product I have ever taken in my life. I have tried other green algae foods, but none has produced as dramatic an effect as BAC. Some of my friends and family are now also taking it regularly.

Lucida Garneau Ontario, Canada

I feel 100% better, stonger, happier, focused and healthy

dont have sucha a testimony of any great healing, just that when I do have this product I feel 100% better stronger happier focused and healthy. So does my cat who is 16, she’s like a kitten!

Signe D CO, USA 2014

300% increase in energy and clarity

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired caused by the toxins and low nutrient value of our present food supply. I realized a 300% increase in energy and clarity as every cell in my body was finally receiving the nutrition it required with the BAC formulas F1, F2, F3. Thanks again.


It’s nice to have my brain back.

I started finally following instructions and taking a portion every 1/2 hour. damn! I’m thinking better than I have in years. It’s nice to have my brain back.

M. S., Cancer advocate CA, USA