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I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV breast cancer

Bless you for The Magic! BAC is a major part of my health and wellness regimen, and one of the main reasons I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV cancer despite weekly chemotherapy. Many people tell me that I don’t look like a cancer patient… perhaps I’m part of a new wave of people who are changing the face of cancer!

Be well,

Wendi Pedicone


I don’t know how it works, but BAC has helped me with my “brain fog” (lack of oxygen to the brain) and my thinking and head are much clearer. Additionally, I find myself feeling much calmer, more positive, and having a “sense of calm” from taking BAC. I’ve cut back to two capsules daily as I feel much better with this regimen.

This product is just incredible. Granted, I’ve only been on it for a week, but I am enjoying it. It works!

With best regards,

Bob G

Autism: After one capsule my son began buttoning his shirt!

I am the mother of a boy who was labeled as autistic by the Chicago Public school system two years ago. Since then we have embraced a much healthier lifestyle including eating whole organic vegan foods, raw foods, fermented foods and high quality supplements. We have seen tremendous improvements. However, my son had remained behind in development during this period of time. I was happy that we were progressing but wanted something more.

Then, thankfully I was introduced to the work of Dr. Kiriac. We began BAC about 4 months ago. After one pill my son began buttoning his shirt — a fine motor skill he was unable to do ever before. After a week on the product he began balancing on balance beams at the park. Soon after, he was willing to try new activities including bicycling. He began to socialize with his peers more and his expressive speech became more clear.

My son just started school and is in a “regular” classroom. I have been able to remove most other supplements and my son continues to surprise us each day.

BAC has been a major step in our healing.

Gina Laverde Gina’s blog at Blissed Life Santa Monica, California

Thyroid cancer: 6.5 years cancer free

I’m so glad I found you so many years ago! I am now 6.5 years cancer free without the radiation follow up they wanted me to undergo… and as you promised, I have just had my Thyroid meds cut in 1/2 AGAIN….. (at least, the active T3 Portion of my compounded Thyroid). Perhaps the day will come when I no longer require the meds at all…. I await the day. (Smiles)

Wishing you all the best the world has to offer, naturally!

Annie Cunningham Founder & CEO Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc USA

Weight Loss – BAC is the core of my success

Hi Roland, I wanted to update you on my health and weight loss. I wanted to tell you I just broke 200 lbs, on monday at 199.8. I have lost 40 pounds in about eight months. I work out 1 hour a day, some jogging/walking and trampoline.

I added BAC formulas F3 to my regime of the F2 and it is really allowing me the energy and recovery I need. My diet is lots of organic salad greens, organic fuji apples, organic grass fed NON GMO MEATS/PROTEINS. I meditate and practice wing chung / ti chi for help in my blood pressure which has lowered since the weight loss.

However, my goal is 180 lbs. I have taken on this regimen as a regular way of life not just a diet. I feel fantastic and very athletic at 56yrs. The Bio-Algae is the core of my success.

On another note. I started planting organic heirloom seed herbs and peppers several months ago. They are growing in small pots and getting bigger everyday. I am feeding them with one capsule of Bio-Algae twice a month and I noticed the colors and thickness of stock is mind blowing. They grow in spurts especially when I feed them the algae. I thought you might find this interesting experimenting with growing food.

Well, thanks again for your help. An a big thank you to you and Dr. Kiriac for BAC.

Gerard Martinez USA