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I could feel the effects of Biosuperfoods almost instantly! As a medical intuitive my body is very vocal when it likes something and it loves BioSuperfoods. Before I started F2 I was eating a lot of different foods and taking supplements and I still felt hungry. I knew my body wasn’t getting what was required to support it or wasn’t absorbing it. After my first two capsules of F2 Biosuperfoods this hunger entirely went. My body felt so satisfied. My naturopath recently commented on how vital my cells were looking!

I have been taking the algae blend now for nearly three months. I’ve had two bottles of F2 and am nearly finished an F3. The difference is remarkable. I no longer snack, I’m actually just not hungry and am even having smaller meals. If I feel like fatty or sugary food I realise I haven’t had my capsules and soon after I take them the craving goes away.

I have reduced my supplement intake as the BioSuperfoods are giving me nearly everything my body requires in one, including trace minerals that were once a very expensive addition to my health regime. The high bioavailability of the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants mean I’m also saving money. I have more energy, more clarity, healthier skin and am calmer.

Another surprising result is that I’m a lot less reactive to EMFs. This sensitivity has been an issue for me for a long while so I’m really extra appreciative of BioSuperfoods and the gift they are for my body.

I’m happy to recommend them also to my friends, colleagues and clients.