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Cerebral Vasculitis, Crohn’s Disease

I want to thank you for all the helpful information and support you have given me the past 2 years and 3 months since I was given a certain death sentence by my doctor.

I started the algae and saw results in just a few days. I was out of bed after 10 years of being bed-ridden with Cerebral Vasculitis. My blood pressure normalized in 2 weeks and hadn’t for all those years on 3 blood pressure meds. The massive doses of Prednisone had destroyed my stomach and my knees. Within the first month those problems were eliminated and have given me no trouble since. My Raynaud’s Disease in my fingertips and toes was gone in the first month. My migraine headaches, which I had had since I was 21 years old, disappeared sometime during the first month and a half. I am not sure just when as I was so busy celebrating the lack of all my horrible symptoms, I forgot to notice the absence of the migraines which had gotten very severe with the vasculitis. I am truly a walking miracle and my doctors have been amazed that my recovery has lasted.

I thank you for telling me to go all organic right away, as it certainly helped me detox fast and remain detoxed. I know it made a big difference in how fast and how well the algae worked for me. Being a nurse, I understood the importance of keeping the chemical toxins in our food chain out of my body then and forever. Thankfully, we have Whole Foods stores in my area and I can get everything organic.
I am living life to the fullest extent possible. I work out with weights and aerobic exercises and that amazes even me.

My prayer is that people will give the algae a chance to help them recover from an illness and remain healthy and strong. If they have no illness I pray they will recognize how blessed they are to be healthy and will take the algae to help them stay that way. My family members take it to stay well.
My 44 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease last summer (2006), and after talking with you, she increased her algae intake and within a month she was significantly better and now has no symptoms. My two granddaughters’ asthma is gone after taking the algae. They were on steroid inhalers and medications that were not good for them.

I have told my story and shared the algae with many people with varying diseases and I can honestly say they have all found an incredible amount of relief with the algae. They were all surprised there were no serious side effects. A couple of people got a little diarrhea, but it cleared up quickly. One is a two year old boy with very serious allergy problems and he has tolerated it well and is doing well.
You shared my original letter of my miraculous healing in your November 2005 newsletter. I often forward that newsletter to people I have told about the algae. Not only is my amazing story in there but the wonderful stories of many others who had received a miracle with the algae as well.
Sorry this got so long. I just want you to know how grateful I am for you, Dr. Kiriac, and God’s creation of algae.