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Assisting in Healing from Chronic Gastritis

Right away I had results, no stomach ache and I slept through the night My name is Cheryl F. and I live in the Seattle area. In 2005, I had emergency surgery for a bad gall bladder. When I woke up, in the hospital, I found out that, I had also had a complete gastric by-pass. No, I am not heavy or have I ever been heavy. I had a quarter size hole in my stomach, was jaundice and was not doing very well. My Doctor later told me that I had about 2 weeks to live. ​ When I left the hospital, I thought my life would be back to normal and I would be on my way to healing and good health, once again. I was mistaken, I began to have little pains and not very much energy. The pain grew and grew until I wasn’t able to eat anything except, yogurt, kefir and soup. When I did try and put anything in my stomach, it would blow up like a balloon and be very uncomfortable. In October this year 2007 I had an endoscope and was diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis. I was given medication that wasn’t working and the pain was still there, and getting worse. About the same time, I have a friend that met a lady named Jan. Jan’s testimony was so amazing. Her testimony was about how a product named BioSuperfood totally changed her life. I decided right there to give it a try and the following morning I called Dr. Thomas. ​ I received the product on the 22nd of October and took one that night. Right away I had results, no stomach ache and I slepped through the night. I started my program the next day and I am happy to report, that I have not had another stomach ache since that day. I am able to eat food, I have energy and am so happy to have found such a wonderful product. My friends have seen a change in me and so has my husband. Some of them are now taking or thinking about taking BioSuperFood. Thank you BioSupefood; Dr. M. Kiriac and Dr. Thomas for giving me my life back! ”