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Restore your Immunity

One of the most common questions asked, over the last 25 years is Why do the Biosuperfood formulas support immunity so quickly?”

To this question, Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD responds: 

Let us remind ourselves that the cyanobacteria alga, an important component of the formulas, was the first living cellular organism on earth. This alga initiated cellular respiration and photosynthesis as the first living cell. When it’s understood that all compounds / nutrients in these formulas are “primary” or “active”, it becomes evident that these microscopic foods are thousands of times more active, more rapidly delivered, and more efficient for cellular energy and immunity than any isolate supplement, herb, and the regular diet.

Innate Immunity is the best (derived from each cell of your body)

Immunity is not a separate system of the body. When it comes down to fighting infections and free radicals, each cell in the body has its own internal defence system, or immunity. It is at this level where the primary antioxidant (AOX I) Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) plays a major role. SOD is an antioxidant enzyme produced in our bodies to neutralize a specific oxygen-derived FREE RADICAL called superoxide. If SOD levels are kept adequate through optimal nutrition, exercise, and avoiding known toxins (junk foods, heavy alcohol, smoking, environmental, etc.), cells will remain much younger for much longer.

Immunity from secondary antioxidants (AOX II) like supplements and/or foods is limited

The vitamin industry continues to sell us separate/isolate supplements such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, resveratrol, etc. Often these supplements are taken in doses much higher than what the body can use/benefit from. Many foods like berries, and spices like turmeric are touted as powerful antioxidants. It is true that these contain some antioxidants, but they are considered “secondary antioxidants (AOXII)” because they only play a buffer role, which offer a limited form of protection as these separate molecules are often not assimilated/utilized by the cells and are quickly eliminated from the body.

The reason for this “secondary” status is that the antioxidants in these foods/spices and/or separate supplements rarely come along with all the cofactors required for their activation in the body. Minimally, they require copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn) among others to actively protect the cell’s cytoplasm (the substances enclosed by the cell’s membrane where most of the cellular activity occurs), and to protect the cell’s mitochondria where energy is derived.


BIOSUPERFOOD – The culmination in cellular nutrition

Dr. Kiriac has further explained that consuming the BIOSUPERFOOD awakens the genius within (download and read the eBook at  By that he means that the pure, complete, balanced, and synergistic micronutrients within BIOSUPERFOOD cross all blood brain barriers to efficiently reach and nourish the cells that make up the governing hypothalamus organ. The hypothalamus is responsible for homeostasis and in turn influencing all glands, organs and, ultimately, each cell of the body – increasing vitality and synthesis of cellular SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) to restore your immunity throughout.
With each capsule of BIOSUPERFOOD, the cells of the body under the control of the hypothalamus become more active and hence produce more of their own SOD antioxidants to fight free radicals. As soon as antigens are present in the body, immunity is alarmed, letting each cell know that it is under attack by free radicals. Immediately the cells under attack begin to fabricate SOD primary antioxidants (AOX I) which are the most powerful. These AOX I antioxidants produced by the body are much more powerful than “secondary” antioxidants (AOX II) obtained from separate/isolate supplements and foods.

BIOSUPERFOOD’s SOD-like primary antioxidants (AOX I) offer superior support and protection

When it comes to restoring your immunity, the numerous antioxidants contained in BIOSUPERFOOD are among more than 15,000 micronutrients in each capsule, including all the important aforementioned cofactors such as zinc, manganese and copper required for their activation in the body. For this reason, these antioxidants act as “primary” and “active” (AOX I) with high catalytic properties that eliminate millions of free radicals. They can eliminate the most powerful free radicals and are 100% adaptive in the body.