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Restore your Immunity

One of the most common questions asked, over the last 25 years is Why do the Biosuperfood formulas support immunity so quickly?”

Covid-19 and the immune system

Gloves, masks, steralise, isolate.

All good things right now in the face of COVID-19. BUT. There is far more focus on killing the germ, bacteria or virus than creating an internal environ...

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster and BAC’s Healing Power

Kiriac's daughters were also affected by the radiation from Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant r...

Validated Super Nutrition on millions of test animals

  BSF Super Nutrition was now to be extended to Millions of Test Animals. In 1985, after completing ten years of intense research focusing on the science of algae applied to cancers an...


I’m so glad I found you so many years ago! I am now 6.5 years cancer free without the radiation follow up they wanted me to undergo… and as you promised, I have just had my Thyroid meds cut in 1/2 AGAIN….. (at least, the active T3 Portion of my compounded Thyroid). Perhaps the day will come when I no longer require the meds at all…. I await the day. (Smiles)
– Franklin & B.B, April 2007 +read all testimonials

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